Should you buy a projector or a flat-screen TV?

People generally use projectors because of their flexibility and big-screen images that leave audiences with a lasting impact, leading to better business results. However, technology has advanced so much in recent years that the projector has also been used as a tool to provide you with a true cinematic experience at home. One such example is the mini projector. But can it truly replace the flat TV screen? Find out below as I will outline the pros and cons of owning a projector over a TV. The projector is a better option if:

You Care About Screen Size

With the right projector set up, you can create a very large image size, such as 300″ or more. Most of them can produce high-quality photos at a size of 90-180 inches. In addition to high-definition, you can also buy 3D and 4K projectors. On the other hand, televisions usually offer screen sizes from 32-70 inches.

You Can’t Afford A Flat-Screen TV

Projectors are generally cheaper than comparable HD TVs. Thus the projector may be the least expensive choice for achieving a big-screen experience at home.  For instance, a big-screen TV may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, while getting the same screen size and the high quality picture could cost you under a thousand dollars if you buy a projector. However, there are some cheaper smaller HDTVs.


You Want To Save Space

A small portable projector may easily be placed on your coffee table, shelf, bookcase or even be mounted on the ceiling. Simply put, it takes up little to no space. Some of the most popular portable projectors at the moment are the pico projector, pocket projector, the mobile projector etc. Choose either of these small projectors and then bring it out for watching the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl etc. or set it up outside and create a real outdoor home theater experience.

You Want To Take Your Movies Or Games With You

Portable and ultra-portable projectors such as the mini HD projector, the pocket and pico projector can be easily taken from one place to another in order to share images, movies or games with others. You can also carry some of these small projectors outdoors or somewhere where you don’t have access to a TV. For instance, the pocket projector may not work well for screening a movie on a large screen, but it could be perfect for showing a movie on the inside of a tent while you’re camping. And the mini LED projector is a small projector which could be awesome for family outings.

You Want To Have An Excellent 3D Experience

Some projectors come with 3D performances. Nowadays, there’s 3D content from movies, video games, Blu-ray 3D players which are more immersive when it’s displayed with image sizes bigger than 100 inches. Furthermore, 3D projection enables a wide viewing angle that improves the experience for more viewers.

You Want To Personalize Your Sharing And Viewing

The ability to project and share documents and presentations is important, especially for businessmen. A projector with a built-in media player and microSD card slot may enable PC-free viewing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and videos, pictures and more. On the other hand, you will want to reconsider buying a projector because:

The Ambient Light In The Room Affects The Image

Regardless of how bright the projector is, its performance will be affected by any ambient light that comes in the room. If you don’t have absolute light control in your room, you’ll be forced to watch TV only at night.

You Will Have To Replace The Lamp

Almost all projectors create light with UHP lamps, which usually last a few thousand hours and cost hundreds of dollars to replace. You may have to do this every year or maybe every other year. However, as of recently, UHP lamps have been replaced by LEDs. As such, the pico projector and the pocket projector utilize LED light sources.

You Don’t Have Speakers

Some projectors have built-in speakers, and some don’t. However, with such a big screen you will want to invest in a quality home cinema audio.

Bottom Line

As much as there are advantages for buying a projector, not everyone will benefit from it. You need to consider many options with any display, but the truly gigantic screen and fascinating experience negate the projector’s disadvantage.

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