Are the newest projector models better?

Projectors today are used in lots of different ways, whether by movie buffs due to their ability to project movies onto a big screen or by businessmen due to being able to project information at the office or a seminar filled with people. Furthermore, they come in different sizes and shapes and are produced by various manufacturers. As such, portable projectors help you project not just presentations with graphics and images, but videos and movies as well.  Some of the newest models include the mini projector, the pico and pocket projector, the mobile projector etc. They are becoming more popular than wired projectors because of a number of benefits which will be explained further below.

Small And Convenient

The first benefit of having a portable projector is its small and convenient size in comparison with other projectors which is what makes it suitable for both students and corporations. For instance, the pico projector and the pocket projector are considered as miniaturized multimedia projectors, not much larger than a smartphone. The mini LED projector is usually a bit larger but still portable. Thus, these projectors can be carried easily from one room to another since they are not too bulky. This allows people to buy just one for the entire company and use it in several locations or rooms.

Easy And Quick Setup

Wired projectors present a big inconvenience when it comes to their setup, with all the wires and their removal and packing up when you finish. But, this doesn’t apply to this type of projector, as you can place it anywhere and won’t have to bother with connecting or disconnecting them. So, you will definitely save a great deal of time.

Ideal For Traveling

If you need to travel somewhere and take the projector with you, a small projector is extremely easy to travel with or take it out outdoors because they can fit in small bags, purses, and even your pocket.  Therefore, whether it’s a holiday or a business trip, a compact and small projector is always a good traveling companion.


Wireless technology is rapidly evolving with printers, fax machines, phones and everything else going wire-free. So it makes no sense to buy a wired projector. These small projectors are wireless and much more practical and useful in the current advanced technological age. The mini LED projector, pico, projector, pocket projector are much more modern and leave a lasting impact on other people around you, especially when you need to deliver a presentation.

Portable Screen

These kinds of projectors have mobile screens which can be easily moved around without any trouble. Mobile projector screens are usually available in different shapes and sizes. But, regardless of their size, these screens are very easy to carry and store. People who travel often or businessmen on the go usually use a projector screen smaller than 30″. These screens are typically foldable and small enough to fit into a laptop bag. Those which are bigger than 30″ are sold with a carrying case which not only protects the projector but also saves a considerable amount of space.

Wide Variety Of Options

Nowadays you will find a portable projector much more easily than a wired on. There are actually many options, features, designs, sizes, and models available within this category so you can choose the most suitable for you according to your preference or need. For instance, the pocket and the pico projector are convenient and light enough to carry, but they’re usually of low brightness. On the other hand, the mini HD projector is considerably brighter and includes more connection ports than these small projectors.


All things considered, now that you know some of the benefits of portable projectors and you can easily decide if you want to get one for yourself.

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