A walkthrough to the various uses of projectors

The first thing you should consider when choosing a projector is why you want to use it. Even though the latest projectors like the mini projector are used for a wide variety of activities such as movies, video games, and presentations, one will surely be most important to you. For best results, opt for a projector that contains the key features which support the primary activity of the projector.

Conference Room

A projector which produces a high level of lumens will deliver bright and crystal-clear images that will leave a great impression for presentations even in rooms with ambient light. You should look for a data projector with a remote control and features you can use easily so you don’t waste time getting to the presentation.

Large Venue

Projectors which are used in rooms with large audiences need to produce high brightness and contain good contrast. Most people will also need to consider other specifications like network support for remote management and control, perhaps a dual-lamp design for robust operation and various lens choices which will enable installation flexibility.

Home Theater System

If you want to set up a full-blown home theater system with vivid colors and outstanding picture quality you need to look for big-screen images. A multimedia projector that can deliver a great contrast ratio will ensure that movies and other videos provide you with a riveting experience. If you want to keep up to date with the newest projectors, you will choose either the pico or the pocket projector which are considered as mini versions of a multimedia projector. You will also want to consider the projector’s 3D abilities in order to watch the ever-growing number of movies, television, and other content.

Home Office

Users who want to give presentations in small offices or at home usually look for a portable projector so that they can move it easily and deliver presentations wherever they need.  This application typically requires projectors with higher brightness and features which are most suitable for giving presentations. In addition to watching movies, the portable projectors like the pico projector or the pocket projector can also help you show a sales pitch, illustrate a point etc. Furthermore, LED technology enables long-lasting operation without maintenance. Thus, a mini LED projector which can fit readily into a briefcase is a good option as well.

Playing Games

Since gamers generally want excellent video and legible text, they need to look for a projector with a good resolution, brightness and contrast ratio. Integrated stereo audio abilities can help gamers take their gaming experience to a new level. Additionally, a 3D projector will help them take advantage of some new and emerging 3D gaming titles. Nowadays there are mini LED projectors specially designed for gaming such as the pocket and the pico projector.


Interactive projectors are ideal for teachers who want to improve learning and prompt students to be involved in current topics in new ways in the classrooms. These projectors can be described as a sort of a smartboard, and are able to project on any surface in the classroom, making education seem more compelling for students.


If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you will want to take the projector with you. As such, your best option would be a mobile projector, pico projector or a pocket projector. Each of these portable projectors weighs less than three pounds to 8 ounces and provides free viewing of Office documents as well as features that let you project images quickly.

Final words

All in all, before you purchase a projector, you need to understand its core and why you want to use it. Think through what’s important for you and you will find the right projector for your home or business.

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